AIDS, Leprosy and TB (Tuberculosis)

To fight epidemic diseases means to fight poverty in the first place. This is why our AIDS-, Leprosy- and TB- programs are organized holistically. Medical treatment is important, but not the only strategy in the fight for physical health. Improvement of nutrition, hygienics and social factors are existential as well. Affected people need to build a secure existence to improve their living standard.

Fortunately, the access to cheap but still effective medicaments has massively improved in the last years. India has become a major exporter of generic drugs. For example 80 % of the world wide AIDS medication is produced in India. This mass production reduced the price dramatically – and led to great success in fighting this disease through both governmental and non-governmental organizations.

The European Union, Japan, the USA and Switzerland press the Government of India to acknowledge the patents on those drugs. These “International Investment Treaties” are bitterly fought  by the “Médecins Sans Frontières” and other NGOs (see this Social Media Campaign), since this law would result in high drug prices and leave millions of poor patients untreated.